At Catalyst Partners, we are dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for you, our client. We communicate clearly, provide regular updates, and have a track record of successful deals. We guide you through the process of selling your business, focusing on their specific needs and objectives.
We continuously seek feedback to improve our services and provide comprehensive after-sale support for a smooth transition and
successful outcome.

Catalyst Partners is a deeply experienced team with a proven track record of closed deals, our expertise is demonstrated through our qualifications, industry experience and case studies. We provide valuable insight and advice through our knowledge, connections and staying up-to-date with industry developments. We are always available and responsive to your inquiries and provide expert guidance throughout the entire process.

Catalyst Partners is a team of skilled negotiators, with a proven track record of securing favourable terms for clients through professional negotiation.
We provide references and testimonials, and work closely with you to
understand their objectives and align our negotiation strategy to achieve their goals, guiding you every step of the way.

“Roderic and John are a safe pair of hands as business consultants, keep you accountable and are an ally through challenging times.”
Andy and Helen Dyke

“Catalyst Partners immediately addressed our concerns, listened to our reasons, asked what we are looking for. Ultimately, they were there to guide us from the initial discussion to a successful completion; we couldn’t be happier”
Chris Page, Director


“Thank you all. Exciting times. Thanks for all the help support and advice, and it has genuinely been a pleasure working with you.”
Jeff Ralston and Stephen Casey, Directors


One-of-a-kind, extensive experience in managing, acquiring, and selling businesses in the Financial Planning and Wealth Management sectors. No other team in these sectors can match our level and breadth of knowledge.


We offer a comprehensive service, not just making introductions. We ensure continuity of service by working in teams of two throughout the entire process.


We are truly whole of market – no other intermediary will provide you with access to the number of firms that we do.


We are conflict free and we do not have interests in or favour particular acquirers.


Independent from acquirers, we work for you and only you and are therefore able to provide truly objective advice and service.


We understand the importance of objectivity in order to achieve the most favourable results for our clients.