Our services

The services that we offer are focused on enabling the owners of businesses to maximise and realise the full value in their businesses. They can include all or some of the following:

  • Consultancy – to address areas that will increase the embedded value of their businesses
  • Preparation for sale – to assist firms to assemble data and information
  • Market Assessment – to enable business owners to gain a clear view on the types of buyers most likely to want to acquire their firm
  • Information Memorandum – to design and build a document that profiles the firm effectively
  • Approaching Buyers – to secure interest and commitment
  • Accompanied Meetings – to facilitate discussion and selection of short-listed buyers
  • Negotiation – to support clients in obtaining the best terms
  • Selection – to assist clients in identifying a preferred buyer
  • Due Diligence support – to help clients deal with requests for the supply of information to the acquirer
  • Liaison with other professional advisers – to ensure the accounting, legal and tax aspects are dealt with appropriately